Open Road Summer

Hi guys!!!!

So this is sort of a NaNo update and you get a song I wrote!! Yay!!! I've gotten one song completely finished and am working through snippets on others.

So without further ado!

Open Road Summer

Verse 1

We met when we were both 16
You told me my dress was pretty
And we talked all night
Soon enough we were acting like
we had know each other our whole lives


I remember the wind in my hair
The radio playing, our favorite country songs
Sittin' in the shotgun seat next to you
In that open road summer

Verse 2

I can still see my daddy on the porch
Waiting for us to get home from our date
As we pulled into the driveway, you smiled so wide
We didn't want the night to end
But that was just the first of many

Repeat Chorus


Driving through this old town now
I can still see us in your car
Me next to you in that shotgun seat

Repeat Chorus 

How's NaNo going for you guys?
Let me know in the comments, I love to talk!!



  1. Beautiful! I love this. :D


  2. *heart eyes* I love this!!!


  3. Nano is going...okay. I got went over the par yesterday, but haven't written anything today...

    Oh! I like this so much!! Have you come up with a tune for it?

    1. Same!!! I haven't written anything today either, been too busy with school. Bleh. Thanks Movie Critic!!! Let's just say I haven't come with a tune yet..... *wink wink*


  4. That is an awesome song! I loved it. :-D