Lil' About Me


The name's Lilah.

I also blog over at Catholic Girl Stuff as Lia.

I created this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and my writing.

I am 18 years old. I am Catholic and I am homeschooled.

I love to read! I like contemporary and fantasy the best. If you would like a beta reader for your WIP, feel free to contact me, I would love to give you feedback!!

Random Facts About Me

I am a night owl

I'm obsessed with cheesy rom-coms

I aspire to sing like Lea Michele

Broadway is life.

I can memorize musicals in three days. (not sure if people should be worried about me or impressed)

I have never read or watched Harry Potter

I'm a mixture of an ENFP and an INFP

I'm also a Scorpio

My favorite fruits are grapefruits

I have brown hair and brown eyes

You contact me at




  1. Hey, Lilah!

    I've seen Catholic Girl Stuff, but I just found this one and I really like it!!!!

    Wow, I am so impressed!!!! You can memorize musicals in three days!!!???? That is amazing. My sisters and I once decided that we were going to memorized Les Mes. Worst. Mistake. That. Year. It took us about two months, and we couldn't get the songs out of our heads. We knew every word so it just kept going. I finally decided I needed to get away from Les Mes!

    What are your favorite musicals? (Please don't say Grease...please don't say Grease...please don't say Grease...)

    See ya later! I'll be back!!

  2. Thank you MovieCritic!!! I decided to make a separate blog for my writing and general musical fangirling.

    Les Mis lyrics have a way of getting stuck in my head also. It took me about a week to memorize it. (not that i'm bragging, I just find it really easy to memorize musicals)

    Hmmmmm favorite musicals.. oh boy. I won't say Grease XD Grease is one of those musicals, I like some of the songs but I rarely listen to it.

    Phantom of the Opera
    Les Miserables
    Dear Evan Hansen
    My Fair Lady
    The Sound of Music
    Singing In the Rain
    Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
    Into the Woods

    Those are all I can think of right now :)


  3. I've never read or watched Harry Potter, either! It just doesn't interest me. Nice to finally meet someone who hasn't read or watched that.

    Nice blog, Lia. Or Lilah. Which do you prefer?

  4. Hi Ivie! I honestly don't know which one I prefer, I like both. I just go by Lilah on here to be separate from Catholic Girl Stuff.

    My mom doesn't want me to read Harry Potter because there have been several cases of teenagers being possessed by the devil when they read it, so I stay away.



    1. I have never heard of that before. I just don't read it because it doesn't interest me and I don't particularly like the author chiming in on American politics when she's not a citizen here.

      Very interesting. I'll have to look into that then. And I'll call you Lilah here then. Though I may slip up sometimes. I've been known to do that, lol. XD

  5. Your ability to memorize musicals always amazes me, little sis. I'll be definitely borrowing you as a beta reader in the near future :)


  6. Yay! I'm excited to read what you have!


  7. Hello! I finally found your blog! Nice to meet you. Am I correct in assuming you are Catherine's sister? :-) It would be awesome to have a Beta reader! I will definitely contact you when my WIP is ready. ;-D Namarie!

    1. Hiiii!!! Thanks for stopping by! Catherine and I are basically sisters but we aren't blood relations.

      Oh my gosh! I'm sure your WIP will be amazing!!!


  8. Hi there! I am a night owl, I am homeschooled, I love to sing, read, write; I have never watched or read Harry Potter (nor do I want to) and I am an INFP but I act like an ENFP when I am fully energized (alone or just with my family XD). it is very nice to meet you!
    ~Kendra Lynne @

    1. One reason I have not read Harry Potter is because my mom doesn't want me to; we don't like witchcraft. :P

    2. Hi Kendra!! Thanks for stopping by! Oh my gosh, i'm pretty sure you and I are the same person. I am an INFP in public and an ENFP in private.

      My mom also doesn't like witchcraft either.


  9. Hey Lilah!! I need to ask you something very important, so if you could just email me at: that would be AMAZING!! Thank you <33



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