Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey guys!

Mary Kate over at Sarcastic Scribblings nominated me for this tag. Check out her post HERE

(I really like this tag. Make me feel mysterious *lifts eyebrows*)

The rules are:
Put the award/logo image on your blog
List the rules
Mention who nominated you
Mention the creator and link to their blog
Tell the readers three things about yourself
Nominate some people
Ask your nominees five questions

The creator of this tag is Okoto Enigma. You can find her blog here

Three Things About Me

1. I am smack dab in the middle of an ENFP and an INFP

2. I sing in the shower (very loudly, I might add, my family will bear witness)

3. I am a fast reader. (I've scared people with how fast I read)

Mary Kate's Questions

1. Favorite Book Character?

Ugh, you knew it was my weakness to get asked this question cause I can never make up my mind!!!

Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan (btw check out his blog here)

Honorable Mentions

Cammie Morgan from the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter

Cinder Linh from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Lilah Montgomery from Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

2. List Three Books You've Read More Than Three Times

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

The Selection by Kiera Cass

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You by Ally Carter

3. Favorite Book Cover?

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

4. What is your favorite place to write and why?

I like to write at my desk or on my bed. My desk because its a flat surface and my bed because its comfy.

5. What snack or drink do you write with?

Chips and ginger ale.

My Questions!!
1. What's your favorite part of blogging?
2. Can you cook?
3. Cookies or Chips?
4. Fast or slow reader?
5. Why do you write?

I Nominate *drum roll please*


The Liebster Blog Award!

Hello All!

Catherine over at The Rebelling Muse nominated me for the Liebster Award! Check out her post HERE

The rules are:

Link back to the person who nominated you
Answer the eleven questions
Tag eleven bloggers and let them know
Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions

1. What is your favorite type of weather?

Lightly raining. My inner Anne Shirley comes out in that weather.

2.What is your favorite music genre?

Just one? Just one! *sigh* MUSCIALS!

3.Hard candy or gummy candy?


4. What is your favorite color?

Sea green

5. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis?

C.S. Lewis

6. What is your favorite period drama film?

Pride and Prejudice 2005

7. Do you have a carefree or work-filled summer ahead?

Is it possible to have both?

8. If you could chose any country to go, where would it be?


9. Would you rather go by horse-drawn wagon, boat, plane, or train?

Horse-drawn wagon. (it would make me feel like a fancy lady)

 10. What is your favorite sea animal?


11. What do you pull out of the fridge when you're feeling down? (comfort food)

A piece of fruit.

I tag:

My questions:

1. How long have you been blogging?
2. Book you would recommend to anyone?
3. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? (I'm hungry)
4. Person you turn to for advice?
5. Favorite book series?
6. Red or black licorice?
7. Favorite flower?
8. First word that pops into your head?
9. Advice to new bloggers?
10. Can you read and walk?
11. Describe your best friend in one word?

That's my tag!!



Life Update

Ummmm hi! Its been a while. And I apologize for that. School has been kicking me in the pants (even though I don't wear pants XD) and...