Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Literary Dinner Party Tag

Hey guys!!!

So I didn't get tagged for this. That's right, I stole it!!!! *cue gasp of horror*
For this tag, I get to invite 11 character to dinner with me!! (and maybe a few party crashers, if you guys are interested)

I stole this from Lila over at The Cheapskate Bibliomaniac. We all had a fun time in the comments section XD Go check her out!!!

Without further ado :D

(Actually before we begin, I changed my blog look!! How do you guys like it? Tell me in the comments :))

One Character Who Can/Likes To Cook

Sally Jackson/Blofis from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. GASP We could have blue food!!!!! 

One Character Who Has Money To Fund The Party

Maxon Schreave from the Selection series. He's a prince! He can give us all the strawberry tarts we want :) 

One Character Who Might Cause A Scene

Kaz Brekker from the Six of Crows duology will definitely cause a scene. But it will be very subtle and he will be sitting very calmly amid the chaos. 

One Character Who is Funny/Amusing

Alex Fierro from Magnus Chase always makes me laugh. He would bring a layer of hilarity to the party 

One Character Who Is Super Social/Popular

Noah Estaban from Embassy Row is very social. He would talk to everybody! 

One Villain 

Jim Moriarty would be very interesting at this party, just saying :D

One Couple-Doesn't Have To Be Romantic


One Hero/Heroine

Cammie Morgan!! She could teach us some cool defense moves :)

One Under-Appreciated Character

Gilan from Ranger's Apprentice is a very under-appreciated character. I loved him right from the start. #TeamGilan

One Character Of Your Own Choosing

Carswell Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles. I think he and Gilan would be fast friends :)

And that is the end of the tag! I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to do it, feel free to steal do it :D

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

When You Are Eighteen

When you are eighteen
You're a man who is ready
Who is strong and is steady
You know what I mean?
When you are eighteen
Then you should be respected
And you don't need protected
When you are eighteen

When you are eighteen
You are braver and bolder
Than that crowd who are older
You know what I mean?
'Cos when you are eightenn
With all those years to prepare you
There's nothing can scare you
When you are eighteen

I'm ready to travel 
To follow my star
To the places I've been dreaming of
I'm ready for living;
I'm ready for life
And I know that I'm ready for love...

When you are eightenn 
With the world all around you
It can sometimes astound you
You know what I mean?
Just how little they know, ha!
All those cowboys and chancers
I've got more of the answers...

And I'm only eighteen 

Edit:  I have made a mistake (why do most of my conversations start with this???) I wrote this at like 11:30 at night so I forgot to add that this is NOT my song. I was tired, in my defense. This song actually is my favorite group Celtic Thunder, so please go check them out!!! Sorry for the confusion. 


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Open Road Summer

Hi guys!!!!

So this is sort of a NaNo update and you get a song I wrote!! Yay!!! I've gotten one song completely finished and am working through snippets on others.

So without further ado!

Open Road Summer

Verse 1

We met when we were both 16
You told me my dress was pretty
And we talked all night
Soon enough we were acting like
we had know each other our whole lives


I remember the wind in my hair
The radio playing, our favorite country songs
Sittin' in the shotgun seat next to you
In that open road summer

Verse 2

I can still see my daddy on the porch
Waiting for us to get home from our date
As we pulled into the driveway, you smiled so wide
We didn't want the night to end
But that was just the first of many

Repeat Chorus


Driving through this old town now
I can still see us in your car
Me next to you in that shotgun seat

Repeat Chorus 

How's NaNo going for you guys?
Let me know in the comments, I love to talk!!


Friday, October 20, 2017

The Sunshine Blogger Tag!!

Hi guys!!!!

Ivie from Ivie Writes tagged me for this, back in August..........(I put the "pro" in procrastinate)

But I am here now!!! Thanks Ivie for the tag!!!!!

1) What fandoms for a book/movie/t.v. show are you a part of?

Ok I don't even know how many fandoms, I'm a part of, so this will be a loooong list

Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Dear Evan Hansen
Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
Kiss Me, Kate
Beauty and the Beast
Annie Get Your Gun
My Fair Lady
State Fair
Sound of Music 
Into the Woods
Singing In The Rain
The Lightning Thief 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Heroes of Olympus
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
The Trials of Apollo
The Ranger's Apprentice
The Gallagher Girls
The Heist Society
The Embassy Row Series
Six of Crows Duology
The Grisha Trilogy 
Throne of Glass
The Winner's Trilogy 
The Ascendance Trilogy 
The Waterfire Saga
To All The Boys I've Loved Before
The Summer I Turned Pretty 
Anna and the French Kiss Series
P.S. I Like You 
The Fill-In Boyfriend
The Selection 
The Lunar Chronicles 
Second Chance Summer
The Unexpected Everything
The Start of Me and You
Open Road Summer
Anne of Green Gables
The Emily Series
The Blue Castle
The Chronicles of Narnia

Pirates of the Caribbean
The Princess Diaries I and II
Star Wars
Rogue One *sobs*
Leap Year
Letters To Juliet
Anne of Green Gables
The Chronicles of Narnia
Mirror, Mirror
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)
Ever After
Cinderella (2015)
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
The Quiet Man
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)
The Princess Bride
The Parent Trap
27 Dresses
National Treasure
Little Women
Pride and Prejudice (2005)

T.V. Shows
 BBC Robin Hood
BBC Sherlock
BBC Merlin
The Flash
Once Upon A Time
NCIS: Los Angeles
NCIS: New Orleans
When Calls the Heart <3 <3

Whew..... I'm done.

2) What genre do you prefer to read or write?
I loooove reading fantasy! Writing? I'm more of a contemporary kind of person :)

3) If you could have any fictional creature, what creature would it be?

I don't...........I can'

Just kidding!!!!!

He's my favorite :D

4) How long have you been blogging? 

My friend Kat and I started a blog, Catholic Girl Stuff, back in September of last year. This blog, however, I started in March, 2017.

5) Do you like slushies? If so, what flavor?
I LOVE slushies!!! My favorite flavor to get is sour green apple with Nerds mixed in.

6) What is your personality type? (Meyers Briggs)
My personality type is ENFP. I'm an extrovert but I have my introvert moments.

7) What's your favorite color? 

Sea Green

8) What is your favorite quote?

9) What is your favorite book? 

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

10) Pen or pencil? 

Pens :)

I'm going to leave this tag open. So whoever wants it has my blessing to steal borrow it.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

My Crazy Weekend///Featuring Sporks, Golf Carts, and Medival Costumes.

Hi guys!

(I am so proud of that title, you guys have no idea :D)

So this weekend was really really crazy. That's pretty much why I wasn't posting this week, but I am here now!

So here's what was happening


We had a Confirmation at our church on Saturday and my mom volunteered to make the cakes for the luncheon that was to follow. So we were delivering the cakes on Friday. My mom had to air conditioner on full speed on the way there, our car was like a freezer, I am so glad I brought a jacket :). We get the cakes in, and go up to the church to sit and pray. We got there an hour before Mass started. And I learned this lesson, never sit on a wooden pew for an hour, your body will hate you. Then after Mass, my mom signed me up to iron the communion rail cloths. That was not fun. Because I was feeling the affects of sitting on that pew. My lower back started spasming. I could barely walk. I was limping around on the altar, trying to iron. (also I really hate ironing)  So yeah, that was Friday)


This day was a doozie. We got up super early (#sootired) to get to church to help prepare food for the luncheon. Food got prepared, we went upstairs to attend the Confirmation and Mass. It went really well! Then the luncheon. The ladies in charge of it had me and another girl carry around trays of drinks to people sitting down and that was not fun! We had to go give the bishop and the priests drinks at their table. Me and the girl I was with are super awkward so that was interesting. We stood a couple feet away from their table for five minutes, working up the courage to go over there. The rest of the luncheon passed without a hitch and soon it was over.

Before this next part, I need to give you guys a little backstory.

Do you guys remember that song I wrote about the guy I was trying to get over? The post is here, if you don't. When I wrote that, I hadn't seen him for two months so I was fine. We go to another church in the summer, because that church is close to my aunt's, who has the pool. In September, when we came back to our "rest of the year" church, I saw him again. My stupid heart probably did a cartwheel in my chest. And basically this weekend taught me that I am still head over heels for him. This boy makes me laugh like a little kid. His smile is so cute and he loves God so much. ......and I'm going to stop now :) (I'm going to stop typing this boy, Catherine and I came up with a nickname for him and from now on, I'm going to refer to him as Spork)

Backstory over.  hehe

Anyway, Spork's little brother was confirmed. So after the luncheon, they had a party at their house. We were invited, so we went. We pull in the driveway and the first thing that comes out of my brothers mouths was, "OOH LOOK SPORK'S SHIRTLESS!!!" What his family forgot to inform us was we were supposed to bring our swimsuits. (yes, the weather is still warm enough to swim) So yeah....I basically just slammed my head into the seat in front of me and groaned. It was a lot of fun!!
Later, they got out the golf carts. A group of my friends took one and the other one Spork was driving and another friend and me got in and rode with him. It was so much fun!!! We were avoiding a group of the other boys who kept jumping on and riding on the sides of the cart. Spork drove us in donuts, down hills and through a field. Eventually they cornered us and jumped on. Soon after that we were leaving and as my family was walking to the car, I went back to use the restroom. I started back towards the car and as I was nearing it SLAM! I hit something......or rather someone. Yep, Spork had walked with my dad to the car and I ran right into him. (it was dark, I couldn't see) Got home and fell into my bed.


And today. 
We went to a Renaissance festival near our church. We had a lot of fun. We watched a joust, that was sooo cool!! My little brother tried throwing a spear at a target. He missed #youtried Then all three of my brother threw tomatoes at this guy is stocks but it was a fun game because as you were throwing, he insulted you. They ended up laughing so hard, they couldn't hit him. We were all in tears XD
We got halfway through the festival when it started to rain. So I was walking through the festival looking like a drenched cat, with a tiara!

We've been relaxing with pizza ever since we got home. 

Hope you like this post! I had a lot of fun this weekend. Enjoy!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Come on in...see the new header!!

*blog readers enter in to see a strange girl with their back to them working on putting up something* 

It needs to go a little wider....


Too wide....There! Now it all fits! It's perfect....Lilah, it's re-

*she turns and sees her growing audience gaping at her* 

*hammer bangs onto the ground* 


*hastily hides the guilty hammer* 

You're probably wondering who in the world I am. 
Please, take a seat and allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Catherine Hawthorn, a.k.a Farm Lassie. I blog over at The Rebelling Muse. I know Lilah very well (we call each other sister). 

Several days ago, Lilah and I were talking about our respective blogs and she mentioned her desire to figure out how to make a header. She had been frustrated in trying to make one, so I offered to make her one. 

And tonight, I'm revealing it to her and you faithful readers! 

As with all of my headers, I try to use uncopyrighted images that convey some kind of significance or something that reveals something about the blog author. So, are you ready to learn about Lilah? Here we go! 

Parchment/Chant Music - As you all probably know, Lilah loves music. But did you know that she sang in our church choir for a few years? She loves polyphony, so I thought it apt to include an image of chant music. 

Book - Lilah is a bibilophile, through and through. She loves aesthetics too, which is why I chose this book. 

Night Sky - Lilah is a night owl. She's often up until 1 or 2 in the morning. This night sky was so pretty...

Theater - Lilah isn't involved with theater, but she loves it very much. Once she graduates from high school, I would not be surprised if she tried out for the stage! 

Chandelier - She hasn't had a chance to fangirl about this on the blogs (to which I'm actually surprised at), but Lilah is a HUGE Phantom of the Opera Phanatic. This picturesque chandelier is the perfect symbol! 

Broadway - Lilah loves Broadway!!! She's a big musical fan (as you probably have figured out by now..). It was SUPER difficult to find an uncopyrighted picture of Broadway movie posters (I had to crop this one from a big photo of Times Square, so please forgive the horrible quality, Lilah). 

 Beach - Lilah is a water girl, and the beach is one of her favorite places to be! 

White Cherry Blossom - Lilah (and I) are kindred spirits to Anne Shirley. After searching around aimlessly for something Anneish, I remembered that Anne loved the Snow Queen, which was a white cherry tree. She also mentions that she would "climb up in that white cherry tree to sleep" if Matthew never picked her up from Bright River. Hence, this little cluster of white cherry blossom was a perfect cap for this header.

Sea Green Background - Lilah told me that her favorite color was sea green. I managed to find this sea green wall that was just distressed enough that I thought she would like. 

New Favicon - For those that have Lilah on a blog list, I have changed her favicon to a red rose. Another tribute to the POTO fanfic, as well as Lilah's very romantic nature. 

*looks at clock*

Well, enough of my chatting! I need to go get Lilah...y'all enjoy the header! 

Scribblingly yours, 

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Hey guys!

We only have three months left in 2017 *cue screaming*

I am very excited that it is October. Why? Because fall that why! I LOVE FALL!!!!

Pageviews today: 0
Pageviews of all time: 1,275
Followers: 9
September Posts: 3

(I named him Jawn) #Sherlock

So this month was not good in the posting department. I was really busy. Buuuuut since its October AKA my favorite month ever, I'm going to be posting a lot more. Be on the lookout for fall themed posts. I also have three tags to catch up on. So yay!

 So do you guys like my new blog look?
Catherine helped me figure out how to put the picture on the side!
Comment below, I love talking to you guys!


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet of 1812//Musical Review

Hey guys!

So I decided to start something new. I'm going to review musicals for you guys so you know its ok to listen to them I have like six in my to listen list so yay!!

I like to listen to musicals while I do schoolwork, which is good and bad.

You're sitting there doing your English homework and suddenly, PULITZER AND HEARST, THEY THINK WE'RE NOTHIN!! and then, you're tap dancing on your dining room table.

(Not that I have ever done this *glances around quickly* hahaha help me )

So today,  I will be reviewing Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. Initially, I wasn't going to listen to this. I mean, a musical based on a section of War and Peace???

But then..... they cast Josh Groban in it, so I couldn't not listen to it. I've been listening to it for the past week, soaking it in.


  1. The music is soooooo pretty!!!!
  2. Josh Groban
  3. It's sang from the third person. It's like listening to a book
  4. Josh Groban 
  5. The Russian names are very funny
  6. Did I mention Josh Groban??


  1. There is language in it
  2. Adultery too. 
  3. There is one part in the song, "The Opera" where there is a noise, which the only way I can describe it is, picture an autotuned screaming goat and you'll have the noise. 

My favorite song from this musical was a song called No One Else. It is the cutest love song ever and I just adkjajlksjdflj

If you don't want to go flipping through War and Peace for the story of this musical, I would suggest reading the Wikipedia page. That's what I did :)

I would give this musical a 3/5 stars. 

Hoped you liked the review!!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017


(have been for a while but finally got around to this, sowwy)


I had a fun vacation week. I didn't really get to swim much because the pool's temperature was equal to Antarctica. I got to read by the pool a lot though, wrapped up in a big hoodie and a fire. (obviously i was not wrapped in the fire)

My aunts took me to a sip and paint, which is drinking while you paint. We just brought water and pop, though. It was fun! This is my painting

Then the next day, we went bowling! I am a natural bowler. *pats self on back* It was actually my first time bowling. Then we decided to go to lunch. So we get to restaurant and my aunt trips on the curb, breaking her elbow. 

So instead of lunch, we spent 4 hours at the hospital. Wheee 

Finally we got home and got Greek takeout for dinner. My aunt said she's never seen me eat so fast. I 
basically inhaled my gyro. So yeah, that day was fun. 

I actually got back a day early so my other two aunts could take my aunt home. I literally spent an hour on the computer, reading blog posts and commenting :)

I will definitely be posting more over these coming weeks, I have 3 tags to catch up on #procrastinationstation #choochoo


Saturday, September 2, 2017

End of August//Senior Year//I'M NOT READY FOR IT

So if you read the title, you know what's this is about.

(How is it September already??? Whaaaaaaa)

Pageviews today: 2
Pageviews of all time: 997
Followers: 9
August Posts: 4

So I started my senior year this fall. 

I didn't think this year would come this fast. 

I'm ok with it so far. I mean, it's hard to imagine that next year I will be finished with school and have to get a job. Unfortunately due to our financial situation, I will not be able to go to collage. I guess, I was pretty much set on going to collage and based my life plan around that. Now.. it feels like all my hopes and dreams are in pieces and I don't quite know how to pick them up. I'm praying God will send me a sign or something to help me figure out what to do.

Oh! I have an announcement!

I will be on hiatus from September 3 to September 10. I am going on a little vacation and I will not have access to Blogger. I will still have access to email though, so if you miss my company that much, ;) send me an email. I like emails. :D


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tales From Drivers Ed///Days 2,3,4,5,6.

Hello everyone

I have a problem where I start something and then I never finish it. #Procrastination

But wow, this post was highly requested. So thank you guys for wanting to hear more!!!

Day 2

We practiced maneuverability. I found out I am not as bad as I thought I was going to be. I only clipped the edge of one of the cones. *thumbs up to me* 

The rest of the time, we were cooped up inside watching kind of boring videos. 

Day 3

Day 3 was depressing video day. Yay me. The instructor showed us all these videos of parents of teens who were killed either by drinking or texting and driving. There was this one of this teen got distracted by her cell phone and she hit and killed a little boy. I almost cried. After it was over, I had to go into the bathroom to calm down. 

Day 4

Day 4! Watching more boring videos!!!!! Funny Guy also drove our instructor up a wall. He likes wolf-howling while people are trying to talk!!!!! It was annoying. I was very close to strangling him!

Day 5

We had a new kid join the class. He was making up the days he missed from another class. He chose the seat right next to me. *whyyyyyyy* Troopers came and talked to us also. They were really funny. It was a younger cop and an older cop. The older one was the younger one's superior. So they were bantering back and forth. I was in stiches. XD

Day 6

We had another new kid today. It just happened to be Funny Guy's best friend. Our instructor was ecstatic (not) We ordered pizza and our instructor brought ice cream. It was really fun. There was also more video watching in between the all the sugar. :D 

That concludes drivers ed!!!!!!! Thank you guys for being so enthusiastic about it!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hey guys!

So there are a lot of songs about 16 and 18 and 15. There's a 21 and a 22.

But there aren't any about 17, so I decided to fix that.


Honestly I wish we could never grow up
I wish we could just stay young
Avoid all the responsibilities 
of being eighteen 

I wish we could stay 
seventeen forever
I wish life didn't have to be so hard
Why can't we, stay seventeen

Happily ever afters don't exist in real life
Peter Pan isn't coming for you tonight
Tinkerbell is just a firefly in the night sky
Believing gets harder each year


I hate having to grow up so fast
Why do I have to leave my childhood behind?



Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tales From Drivers Ed///Day 1

Hi guys!

Yesterday, I started my drivers ed class. I have it this whole week so I thought I would share my experience with you!

So as my mom was driving me there, we passed this teenage boy walking. He was carrying running shoes.

Mom: He's carrying shoes, he must run track or something. *looks at me* He was cute.

Me: Moooooooom!!!

I don't really know what she wanted me to say. Yes Mom, I thought he was cute, turn the car around so I can get his number.

There is 7 of us in total. 5 boys and 2 girls. Our instructor is pretty cool. She let's us ask all these questions and make jokes . It's a very fun class.

A letter to each of my classmates

Dear "country bumpkin" you sir, may deny that you are a country boy, but let me tell you that you are the countriest bumpkin I have ever met.

Dear "jujitsu kid" you should really show us some of your cool moves. What you do is pretty cool.

Dear "M" you are the other girl in the class. I advise that we band together to combat the boys!

Dear "Falcon" why are you so freaking tall!!! I feel like a midget next to you.

Dear "Funny Guy" most of what you say is actually not funny but sometimes you say stuff that is funny. Also if you keep whistling while we are trying to take a test, I will go back there and wring your neck!!

Dear "Quiet One" you are the other quiet one in the class besides me. You draw phenomenally and you should keep up the good work.

One funny thing that happened is when our instructor took us outside to look at the cars. There was this big truck that had recently hauled some manure so it really stunk. "Funny Guy" decided to sit down on the bumper of the truck.

Instructor: No! You shouldn't sit on that there is manure on that!

Funny Guy: There isn't any manure on here.

Me: Not anymore, it's all on your shorts.

He spent two minutes turning around like a dog chasing it's tail.

The rest of the time, we spent watching videos and the instructor let us talk the rest of the time to break the ice.

I have another class tonight, so I will tell you all about it tomorrow!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017

Hello everyone!

I won Camp NaNoWriMo!!!! Sort of......

I wrote 2,000 words this month. Which doesn't sound like a lot but for me it was an accomplishment.

And guess what? To celebrate, y'all are going to get to read some snippets.

I quicken my pace, then SLAM! I knock into something and fall on the ground. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I hear, "Let me help you up." Looking up, I behold the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen staring down at me.

"So the new guy," she said, "what was that I interrupted?" She gasped. "Were you having a moment?"

I groaned and glanced at her. "No, we were not having a moment. We just met and he thought he gave me a concussion." "That is the farthest from a moment ever!"

I opened the door to the music room and walked to the piano. Ah, finally I get to practice! I play a few bars to warm up and get my feeling back for the keys. I launch into the Moonlight Sonata. It echoes throughout the room and I feel at peace.

There you go!!

Things I learned this month:

Telling yourself to write each night is hard!!!!! I used to write when I felt like it, but writing every night is very difficult.

I never realized how fun making a Pinterest board to inspire you is.

Movie soundtracks are the best thing to listen to while you write.

Never mess with Gray and other Lord of the Rings fangirls. They will come after you with battle axes and bows!

Hope you enjoy the snippets!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017


*waves sheepishly*

I have not posted a song since......March. oooooooh das bad. My inspiration just was not co-operating.

Inspiration: Oh you want to write a song? Lol, that's funny.

Me: *aggressively slams head into desk*

I finally wrote something!

The story behind it is I'm trying to get over someone. That I never even dated. Pathetic, I know.
I realize that maybe a bunch of other girls he and I know probably have a crush on him also. And they've known him longer and I know now that I don't have a chance. So I'm just going to get over him now and save myself the heartache.


Verse 1.
I never leave my comfort zone
I couldn't talk to strangers even if I tried
You're always in the spotlight
I stay in the background

Why can't I talk to you
Why can't I tell you how I feel.
Why don't you notice me
Why must I love you from afar?

Verse 2
I see you standing with your friends
smiling that smile that makes me want you
But all the other girls are talking to you
and I don't stand a chance

Repeat Chorus

Why does your smile make me want you
Why are you so far away
Why don't you notice me
and why, do I have to watch you fall for her

Repeat Chorus


Friday, June 23, 2017


Hi guys!

I'm doing my first BP post from my novella that I will be working on for July Camp NaNoWriMo.

I will be doing it for my main character Cassandra.

Sky at Further Up and Further In and Cait at Paper Fury host this link up. Check them out!!

1. What is their favorite place they've ever visited?

Cassandra with her mom and dad rented a beach house in South Carolina each summer up until she was 8. After that, it was too sad to go. 

2. What's one mistake they made that they learned from?

Never trust a new kid at school with a paper bag he asks you to look inside. All she saw for hours was glitter. 

3. What was their favorite subject in school? Or favorite thing to learn about?

Cassandra's favorite subjects are music and literature class. 

4. What is their favorite flower/growing thing?

Cassandra loves peonies. 

5. Have they made someone cry? What happened?

Not really with sadness. She and her best friend Lily often make themselves cry with laughter though.

6. Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?

Definitely a reliable narrator. She loves telling stories. 

7. What do they dream about at night?

Cassandra is a dreamer. She will lay there making up impossible conversations and scenarios in her head until she falls asleep. She has very vivid dreams and once woke up crying because of a dream that she had. She dreams of finding her prince charming and the life they will have together. 

8. They've gone out for a 'special meal'. What would they eat?

Cassandra LOVES chicken. Anything with chicken on the menu, she will eat. 

9. What's at least one thing they want to do before they die?

Perform at the Grand Ole Opry. 

10. Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?

She can sing. She can play piano and guitar. She can read a large book in less than two hours. 

That's my first Beautiful People post. Hope you enjoy. 

Is anybody else doing Camp NaNoWriMo this July? Tell me in the comments. 


Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Look and a Tag!

Hey guys!

So I have a new look and a new name. The Singing Writer seemed to capture more of me.

So the Sunshine Blogger Award!

Catherine over at the Rebelling Muse tagged me for this. Her post is HERE

1. How did you come up with your blog name?

Haha that's funny. Since I just changed it. The Singing Writer captured who I am. I sing and I write!

(Ba dum hss)

2. What is your favorite Work in Progress?

My novella. I haven't titled it yet. I hope to get a good chunk of it done this July Camp NaNoWriMo. 

3. Favorite hair color on a guy?

Black. I really like black hair. 

4. Do you have a motto or a favorite phrase?

Not really. 

5. It's sunny outside. What would you be doing?

Reading. Or singing. Or reading and singing. 

6. If you had to pick one time period to travel to, which would it be?

The early 1800's. I really like the style and the old-fashionness of it all. 

7. Let's say you could pick any car to drive around forever. What would it be?

A Camaro. I like the look of that car. 

8. What is your favorite vacation ever?

My family rented a beach house and spent almost the whole summer. I was only 5 or 6 but I remember bits and pieces. It was really fun. 

9. Do you get red as a lobster or really tanned in the sun?

Usually the first time I spend out in the sun, I get sunburned. Then it tans over and I don't get sunburn after that. 

10. What is your favorite family/team sport?

I like volleyball and cornhole. 

11. What would you pack if you were going out for a picnic?

Sandwiches, a fruit, some snacks and drinks. And something sweet. 

Those are my answers! Thanks Catherine for tagging me! 

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag. 


Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey guys!

Mary Kate over at Sarcastic Scribblings nominated me for this tag. Check out her post HERE

(I really like this tag. Make me feel mysterious *lifts eyebrows*)

The rules are:
Put the award/logo image on your blog
List the rules
Mention who nominated you
Mention the creator and link to their blog
Tell the readers three things about yourself
Nominate some people
Ask your nominees five questions

The creator of this tag is Okoto Enigma. You can find her blog here

Three Things About Me

1. I am smack dab in the middle of an ENFP and an INFP

2. I sing in the shower (very loudly, I might add, my family will bear witness)

3. I am a fast reader. (I've scared people with how fast I read)

Mary Kate's Questions

1. Favorite Book Character?

Ugh, you knew it was my weakness to get asked this question cause I can never make up my mind!!!

Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan (btw check out his blog here)

Honorable Mentions

Cammie Morgan from the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter

Cinder Linh from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Lilah Montgomery from Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

2. List Three Books You've Read More Than Three Times

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

The Selection by Kiera Cass

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You by Ally Carter

3. Favorite Book Cover?

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

4. What is your favorite place to write and why?

I like to write at my desk or on my bed. My desk because its a flat surface and my bed because its comfy.

5. What snack or drink do you write with?

Chips and ginger ale.

My Questions!!
1. What's your favorite part of blogging?
2. Can you cook?
3. Cookies or Chips?
4. Fast or slow reader?
5. Why do you write?

I Nominate *drum roll please*


The Liebster Blog Award!

Hello All!

Catherine over at The Rebelling Muse nominated me for the Liebster Award! Check out her post HERE

The rules are:

Link back to the person who nominated you
Answer the eleven questions
Tag eleven bloggers and let them know
Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions

1. What is your favorite type of weather?

Lightly raining. My inner Anne Shirley comes out in that weather.

2.What is your favorite music genre?

Just one? Just one! *sigh* MUSCIALS!

3.Hard candy or gummy candy?


4. What is your favorite color?

Sea green

5. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis?

C.S. Lewis

6. What is your favorite period drama film?

Pride and Prejudice 2005

7. Do you have a carefree or work-filled summer ahead?

Is it possible to have both?

8. If you could chose any country to go, where would it be?


9. Would you rather go by horse-drawn wagon, boat, plane, or train?

Horse-drawn wagon. (it would make me feel like a fancy lady)

 10. What is your favorite sea animal?


11. What do you pull out of the fridge when you're feeling down? (comfort food)

A piece of fruit.

I tag:

My questions:

1. How long have you been blogging?
2. Book you would recommend to anyone?
3. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? (I'm hungry)
4. Person you turn to for advice?
5. Favorite book series?
6. Red or black licorice?
7. Favorite flower?
8. First word that pops into your head?
9. Advice to new bloggers?
10. Can you read and walk?
11. Describe your best friend in one word?

That's my tag!!



Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Writing Tag!

Hello all!

The wonderful Catherine over at the Rebelling Muse tagged me. Check out her post HERE

1. What genres, styles and topics do you write about?

When I was younger, I wrote a couple of short stories set in a fantasy world. My novella that I'm writing now, is set in the modern world. I like writing in the contemporary genre the best.

First person is the style I write best in. I tried experimenting with third person but I didn't like the result.

Topics. Romance and Humor are really the only ones.

2. For how long have you been writing?

I wrote short stories from the age of 8 to 10.  I started to write songs in November 2015 and have been writing those since. And I just started to write a novella.

3. Why do you write?

I write to get all the cooped up feelings inside of me some air.

4. When is the best time to write?

I like writing at nighttime. Something about the darkness and the peacefulness of it just makes me feel so inspired to write.

5. What are the parts of writing you love? What parts do you hate?

The part I love is finally finishing a project and seeing the finished project in front of you is just so satisfying.

The part I hate and especially with this novella, is figuring out how to write scenes and how to put them so they sound just write. So frustrating!

6. How do you overcome writer's block?

By slamming my head on my desk repeatedly. Just kidding!  I take a break. I don't touch my project. I read a book, I color, I try to do anything but touching my project.

7. Are you working on something at the moment?

I'm working on my novella and I have a couple of songs in the works.

8. What are your writing goals for this year?

I want to finish the first draft of my novella. I also want to write at least 50 songs.

Those are my answers to the tag!

I tag Cordy and anyone else who wants to do this


Friday, April 21, 2017


Hey guys...

Sorry. I know I haven't really been posting on this blog lately. Life has gotten in the way.

Also, I have been participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for this month.

I'm trying my hand at writing a novella which is going great!

Just kidding. Writing a novella is a lot harder than I thought. I will keep you guys updated more as I continue. Hopefully I will finish it at the end of April but I doubt it.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

My Writing Process

Greetings and Salutations!
(I always wanted to use that)

My writing style is probably the weirdest one out there. So here is a look inside my mind for a little bit (ignore all the craziness, I was born with that)

Usually at 2am or 3am, my brain decides to wake me up with an idea for a song. (which does wonders for my sleep pattern)

(I feel like there is too many parentheses)

First, I start out with figuring out the chorus
Then, I write the verses and
Finally I figure out the bridge.

When I write, I hum what I want the song to sound like. Hopefully, when I finally set them to music, they will sound better.


Sunday, March 26, 2017


Verse 1
Walking into church, she saw him out of the corner of her eye.
He was tall, holding his little brother.
He glanced at her and with a smile, he stole her heart.
She prayed,

Lord, bless this black-haired, brown-eyed boy.
He is young but everything he does is perfect.
Please, bless him.

Verse 2
A few weeks later, they were laughing like they've known
each other all their  lives.
Every time she fell in love with his smile even more.
She prayed.

Lord, bless this black-haired, brown-eyed boy.
He is young but everything he does is perfect.
Please, bless him.

She knows they're young and have their whole lives ahead of them.
But she hopes he's the one.
She prayed.

Lord, bless this black-haired, brown-eyed boy.
He is young but everything he does is perfect.
Please, bless him.


Hope you guys like it!


Sunday, March 19, 2017


Hey everyone.

Here is the first song. I haven't set it to music, I just write the lyrics.

Talahassee is the first song I ever wrote. I started writing these in November 2015 and have kept them pretty private until now.


Verse 1
She's waiting for him, in the middle of the bridge.

He promised he'd be here, two hours ago.

She looks at her finger

Remembers September

The day that he asked her

And she said yes, he said,

Let's go find Talahassee

Let's go start a future

Even if we're not always together

I'll be there

Let's go find Talahassee

Verse 2
She finally gets a phone call

It's from his sister

She says something happened

You better come quick

She drives up to the hospital

Not really paying attention

They take her to his room

And he smiles up at her


Verse 3
They talk about Florida

Future house and kids

The beeping getting slower

His voice is getting too low

And he says

Go find Talahassee without me

Go start a future without me

Even if you don't see me

I'll always be there

Go find Talahassee without me

Old lady in a hospital bed

The room is filled with people she loves

Surrounded by her grandkids

She remembers the boy that she loved

And the words that he said


Okay guys that was it. I'm literally shaking as I type this because I'm so nervous.

Please, please comment and tell me what you think.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Okay So That Was Bad

I'll admit, that was a really bad first post.

But I wrote it at 11:45 at night and I tend to think my writing is fine at that time. 11:45 decisions are not to be trusted!!!!!!!

But then again this whole blog was an 11:45 decision so we will see.......

Anyway let's start over.

This is my second blog. You may know me as Lia from Catholic Girl Stuff

But you may say, "you call yourself Lilah on this blog"  Well Lilah may be closer to my real name than Lia is....... Who knows? 

I created this blog for the reasons I sort of explained in the first post. I write song lyrics. I didn't want to post them to Catholic Girl Stuff so I created this.

I hope you all comment and tell me what you think of them. I want to see if I am actually good at writing or if I'm just wasting my time.

I will post the first song tomorrow.

See you then


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My First Post

Hey y'all

My name is Lilah. I decided to make a blog where I discuss and talk all things music with y'all.

I also write lyrics. So I will be posting some of those later.

Hope you enjoy!


The Literary Dinner Party Tag

Hey guys!!! So I didn't get tagged for this. That's right, I stole it!!!! *cue gasp of horror* For this tag, I get to invite 11 ...